Dr. Abisoye Ariyo Examines Unique Real Estate Investment Options

Abisoye Ariyo

December 7, 2021

Abisoye Ariyo Examines Unique Real Estate Investment Options

Dr. Abisoye Ariyo is a real estate expert with years of experience finding unique niches and investment opportunities. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider these options because they either don’t know that they exist or think they aren’t good enough for their needs. This conception is a colossal mistake because many great possibilities exist right under many people’s noses, which can be very rewarding financially for those investors willing to take a little risk.


Niches Dr. Abisoye Ariyo Has Touched On Over the Years 

Over the years, Dr. Abisoye Ariyo has found many unique investment opportunities for real estate. While some people move to luxury homes (which are helpful for certain people), many other niches exist that make this investment more enjoyable. For example, a growing number of people are getting into the second home buying market and thriving due to this unique investment opportunity. 


For instance, the second home niche has become very popular for high-profit individuals. A second home often serves as an excellent way for an investor to work with someone who they trust and who trusts them. It also provides a potential for many future purchases, such as rental homes and other options that help investors stand out and make good money along the way. Often, second houses cost more than first homes or can be used as a rental option.


The military real estate business is also a unique niche option that Dr. Abisoye Ariyo finds is very rewarding when approached appropriately. Simply put, military personnel often have a very fast-paced life and may struggle to find a place where they can live long-term. By creating a connection with these constantly moving people, you can keep a world of potential investment options open. 


For example, even if one of your clients only stays in their home for a few years before moving, they’ll know other people in the military who may be moving to the area. As a result, you can use this information to target these potential buyers and create a constantly innovative and changing market. Some buyers even created such in-and-out neighborhoods centered entirely on military buyers. 


The same approach is common for college housing, a situation that Dr. Abisoye Ariyo finds is often advantageous. Many parents prefer putting their children in a home off or near campus, allowing them more freedom and a unique chance to feel more adult at the same time. However, most of these homes will need multiple renters to maximize profit potential. 


Multi-bedroom houses or those that can be easily converted into multiple units are excellent options for many buyers. Spending a little money converting one house into three apartments is a perfect option for a college town, especially when buying close to the campus. In addition, instead of getting one rent, you can get three payments of around the same price as one, increasing your potential profits.